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Lakewood Scoop

Lakewood Scoop

The Lakewood Scoop

Dear Friend,

When we think about making Yom Tov our minds swirl with activity; Shoes, outfits, Matzah, wine, Meat, Chicken and groceries galore. But, is that what Yom Tov is about? Making Yom Tov means caring about another. True Simchas Yom Tov means making others happy and celebrating together with them. When we buy shoes for our child, we buy one for another child, and when we buy Grape Juice for our family, we buy one for another family. That’s how we make Yom Tov.

For over 30 years Ahavas Tzedakah has been the premier Lakewood Tzedakah helping those members of our community in need. I have learned firsthand how financial strain affects the community and how Ahavas Tzedakah helps so many with sensitivity and dignity. 

At this time, Ahavas Tzedakah is assisting over 750 families, including 4,354 children, with an annual budget of $1.7 million and growing each month. That means 1 of every 20 families is helped by Ahavas Tzedakah! This is a staggering statistic. Every one of us knows someone who is being assisted. 

This Pesach, our block is joining hundreds of blocks all over our community to help everyone make Yom Tov. Please donate generously. We need you to help reach our goal of $10,000 - together, Let’s make Yom Tov!



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